On 23rd of September 2021, the Paris Court of Appeals has transferred the investigation of the ex-senator PUGACHOFF case to the most famous and fervent anti-mafia investigator in France, Mr. Marc SOMMERER.

Press service  28/09/2021

On 23rd of September 2021, the Paris Court of Appeals has provided an intermediary court decision in the case where Mr. Serge PUGACHOFF was victim of extorsion, fraud, death threats by an organized group of people (organized crime), that were linked to highly placed government officials, directors of FSB and influential businessmen close to the Kremlin.

In fact, Mr. PUGACHOFF has been over the years the target of lawsuits organized by Russia, that has expropriated his assets.

Since 2015, Mr. PUGACHOFF’s claim against Russia concerning expropriation of his assets is still being judged by the Hague Tribunal.

Seeing how important this criminal case was, the panel of judges of the Paris Court of Appeals has decided to designate Mr. Marc SOMMERER as lead investigator.

Mr. SOMMERER is the head of Parisian investigative judges and is the head of the Pole Financier of the Paris Court of First Instance that is specialized in financial criminal offences.

Mr. Marc SOMMERER is an expert in organized crime and an expert in corruption cases.

Since 2020, Mr. SOMMERER is investigating a case related to French ex-President, Mr. SARKOZY.

It seems highly probable that following this decision, we would hear in the near future, new names of highly influential people associated to this criminal case.

Mr. PUGACHOFF’s interests are represented by his lawyer, Me Michaël BENDAVID from the ABPA law firm.