The deadline for delivery of the frigate «Admiral Gorshkov» may be postponed again

The warship whose construction began in 2006, at the time of Sergei Pugachev, remains unfinished

The Russian Navy is expecting its lead ship, the frigate «Admiral Gorshkov», to be delivered by the end of the year. The Northern Shipyard in charge of this government contract explain that they have fulfilled their obligations in terms of construction, and that delivery now depends on the equipment installers. There still remain issues related to the good functioning of the armament systems. The frigate may thus stay, again, at the shipyard in charge of the contract for another year.


The Petersburg shipbuilding company Northern Shipyard, historically specialised in medium tonnage warships, was contracted for building the ship. The construction process of «Admiral of the Navy of the Soviet Union Gorshkov» started back in early 2006, when the shipyard still belonged to the holdings of the Sergei Pugachev, who has now fallen from grace. The director of the company was Andrei Fomichev, who has been acquitted this year by two judicial instances in a case of alleged intentional bankruptcy of Baltiiskii Zavod (see the 15.11.2017 issue of Ъ). Ever since the dates for sea trials and delivery deadlines have been repeatedly shifted. The main reason for this, according to the specialists interviewed by Ъ, is the insufficiently good functioning of the ship’s armament systems.


Source: «Kommersant»