PRESS RELEASE: Pugachev Forced to Leave London Due to Severe Threats Against His Life

LONDON, 9 June 2015 – Sergei Pugachev, a French citizen, former Russian Senator and business magnate is confirming today that he was forced to leave London and the UK due to serious concerns regarding his personal safety and increasing harassment, as part of an unlawful seizure of his assets by the Russian State.

The difficult decision to leave the UK was made after suspicious devices were discovered to have been illegally fitted on his cars. The anti-terrorist unit SO15 is investigating the crime also as a potential bomb threat and has identified the suspects.

In July 2014, The Russian State initiated interim measures in the UK to support their continuous abuse in the form of the civil case in Russia. Beyond these, there were no other claims against Mr. Pugachev in the UK.

To fight the unlawful expropriation of his business assets and forced financial ruin Pugachev has initiated an international arbitration claim against Russia.

Until his departure, Pugachev had been under the protective watch of British police, he wishes to return to the UK after the threat to his safety will be resolved:

“Even if I had police protection, had I stayed, I would still feel that my safety was severely compromised. I will return to the UK once I can be assured that the threat against my life has been eradicated”

Press Office of Sergei Pugachev