Sergei Pugachev told about an attempt by Prosecutor General Chaika’s son to seize Putin’s residence

This is what he told TV channel Dozhd in an interview.

A group of “raiders”, among which one of Prosecutor Chaika’s sons, tried to seize a piece of land in the suburbs of Moscow, part of which belonged to the president’s residence in Novo-Ogariovo. This story was told to Dozhd in an interview by ex-senator Sergei Pugachev, former advisor to the Chief of Staff of  President Putin’s administration.

“There was a huge piece of land by the Rublevskoe road. Part of that land belonged to Putin’s residence, the residence was actually build on that land. Some people decided to forcefully take control of that land, people we call professional “raiders”. They decided to seize the land, presidential residence notwithstanding. One of those men was the son of Prosecutor General Chaika”, – said Pugachev.

He did not specify which persons or companies had tried to take control of the president’s residence in Novo-Ogariovo. He said, among others, that Murov, the head of the Federal Security Service from 2000 to 2016, then Viktor Zolotov, head of the personal security had called Putin… According to Pugachev they told Putin that something must be done, because “we are about to be expelled”. “I remember that Chaika was called, he came, but tried to argue, saying that the situation was not quite what it seemed to be, then saying eventually that even if the land were taken, Putin would not be troubled.”, – said Pugachev.

He added that this was the “one and only time” when Putin was utterly furious. Pugachev quoted Putin saying to Chaika: “I am not asking who will or will not be troubled. I am giving you twenty-four hours to resolve this issue.” Pugachev gave no further details, but stressed that “things had gone too far” and that Putin had been “seriously affected”.