• 01/03/2017

The International Court issued the first order on the 12 billion dollars claim of  Sergei Viktorovitch Pugachev against the Russian Federation (under the 1976 UNICTRAL rules).

First order

  • 13/02/2017

Hearings of the International Court in The Hague on Sergei Pugachev’s claim against the Russian Federation on the basis of the international treaty between the Russian Federation and France dated July 4, 1989 “On Encouragement and Mutual Protection of Investments” were started.

  • 19/10/2016

By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian authorities appointed White and Case LLP firm as the sole executor of legal services on representation of interests of the Russian Federation in the BIT claim.

Letter from Prime Minister Alexander Konovalov

  • 08/08/2016

The Secretary General of The Hague Court appointed the second arbitrator for the case due to the Russian Federation’s losing the right to choose its own arbitrator. Starting from 19/08/2016, Bernardo Cremades was appointed as that arbitrator. The president of the Court is Eduardo Zuleta Jaramillo, who was appointed directly by The Hague Court.

  • 24/07/2016

The Russian side missed the procedural deadlines for the selection of an international arbitrator.

  • 15/07/2016

Minister of Justice Konovalov acting on behalf of Russia recognized the basic conditions of the claim (jurisdiction, correct filing of the claim, complying with the procedural deadlines for filing the claim and confirmed other legal details) and notified Mr.Pugachev and the president of The Hague Court that Russia would participate in the process.

  • 17/06/2016

Mr.Pugachev’s lawyers appointed professor Thomas Clay as arbitrator.


  • 17/06/2016

The trial in The Hague Court on the claim of Sergei Pugachev against the Russian Federation for the amount of 12 billion dollars may be completed before the end of the year.

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  • 01/04/2016

Mr.Pugachev has filed a claim to the European Court of Human Rights for violation of his rights by Russian authorities.


  • 22/09/2015

A press conference with participation of lawyers representing Mr.Pugachev in the International Court, was held in Paris, where causes and details of the claim were thoroughly explained.

  • 21/09/2015

Mr. Pugachev’s lawyers, the law firm King & Spalding, sent a Notice of Arbitration to the Russian Federation concerning the filing of its claim against the Russian Federation on the basis of a The intergovernmental agreement between the Republic of Russia and France of 4 July 1989 on the “Reciprocal Encouragement and Protection of Investments” for an amount of $ 12 billion.

NOTICE OF ARBITRATION against the Russian Federation.

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  • 10/12/2014

Mr Pugachev sent Vladimir Putin an official letter (Trigger-letter) to warn him of an upcoming legal action concerning the expropriation of his assets. This letter is the first procedural document in the action brought by Mr Pugachev against Russia.

 Read here : Trigger-letter


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