Sergey Pugachev challenges recovery of $1.3 bln because of new evidence

Sergey Pugachev has filed an application with the Moscow Commercial Court seeking to overturn a ruling requiring him and other bank’s top managers to pay 75.6 billion rubles (about $1.3 billion at the current exchange rate) because of new evidence.


Sergei Pugachev in pursuit of Russian billions

The former close friend of President Vladimir Putin, residing in France, claims being victim of an orderly expropriation of assets.

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“Putin said, “All they need is a tsar”

Sergei Pugachev about his bygone friendship with the president and his claim for 6 billion dollars against the Russian Federation.

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David Goldberg comments on Sergei Pugachev’s claim

The head of the legal team of White & Case, representing Russia in the process of Sergei Pugachev against the Russian Federation for $ 12 billion, commented the hearings on the exit from the courtroom of the Hague Tribunal on April 17, 2017.


“Fanatic judge”

Economist Sergei Aleksashenko about the verdict to Dmitri Amunts

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Interview with Sergei Pugachev on TV Rain

The ex-head of Rostourism  was sentenced to 7 years in prison.


In Paris, Pugachev seeks $12 billion from Russian state

The International Chamber of Commerce is holding an arbitration hearing over Sergei Pugachev’s claims for $12 billion from Russia, part of a long-running battle with President Vladimir Putin’s government.


Russia asked the Hague Tribunal to classify as secret the hearings on Sergei Pugachev’s claim

Currently, the Hague International Tribunal is considering a claim filed by Sergei Pugachev against  the Russian Federation on compensation of at least $ 12 billion for the assets expropriated from him.


Pugachev’s hostages

Witnesses to the ex-senator’s case against Russia keep on being put behind bars


VTB runs from Pugachev?

During 2017 Vneshtorgbank(VTB) will close its subsidiary in France.


Interview with Sergei Pugachev on RBC TV

Sergei Pugachev commented on the hearing in The Hague on his claim against the Russian Federation.


“Vladimir Putin is a rather private man”

The interview of Sergei Pugachev on Radio Svoboda


Sergei Pugachev asked tribunal in the Hague to summon Medvedev and Sechin for questionning

He accuses the Russian authorities of illegal expropriation of his property and demands compensation of 12 billion dollars.


Chances for extradition of Pugachev to Russia are close to zero

Comments of an expert on the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation about the extradition of Sergei Pugachev.


Judicial circles of Mezhprombank

On March 3 the Arbitral tribunal of the city of Moscow will have another hearing on the bankruptcy of Mezhprombank (MPB), International Industrial Bank.


Supreme Court confirms Pugachev’s innocence

The Supreme Court confirmed the illegality of the involvement of ex-senator of subsidiary liability in the amount of 75 billion rubles.


Arbitration panel formed for hearing $12 bln claim lodged by Sergei Pugachev

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague has formed a panel of arbitrators for considering a claim filed by Sergei Pugachev, seeking $12 billion in damages.


Russia to be defended by David Goldberg of White & Case LLP in the $12 billion Pugachev Hague arbitration proceedings

The Russian Federation has named David Goldberg of White & Case law firm to represent its interests before the Permanent Court of Arbitration (Hague, Netherlands) in connection with the $12 billion arbitration proceedings brought by Sergei Pugachev against Russia for expropriation of his empire starting in 2010.


The Decisions of the Court on the bankruptcy of the International Industrial Bank have proved to be unlawful

On 8th September, the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal overturned the ruling of the Moscow Arbitration Court on 15th July concerning an extension of six months for the International Industrial Bank bankruptcy proceedings and returned the case for a retrial.


The DIA is going out of business

Why the Central Bank decided to close the “collections chapter” of the story of the Deposit Insurance Agency


“Less need to complain in Strasbourg!”

Author: Igor Konovalenko, 2016-09-26, 16:23:37 Sergei Pugachev’s former wife forced to leave Russia. On 5 July 2016 the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg registered the complaint of ex-Senator Sergei Pugachev who was subject to subsidiary liability in the Russian Court of Arbitration for 75 billion rubles for IIB debts. This decision of the … Continue reading “Less need to complain in Strasbourg!”


Sergei Pugachev switches counsel for claim against Russia

He has replaced King & Spalding with Parisian boutique Lazareff le Bars to represent him in a US$12 billion investment treaty claim against Russia.


Danger Forum!

he 20th International Economic Forum opened June 16 in St Petersburg. If the St Petersburg forum hadn’t played a dirty trick on me, I would probably never pay any attention to this forum.


Thomas Clay nominated as Arbitrator in Sergei Pugachev vs Russian Federation Claim

Professor Thomas Clay nominated as Arbitrator in Mr. Sergei Pugachev vs Russian Federation Investment Treaty Arbitration Claim with Damages estimated in excess of US$ 12 Billion


“Hold on here. I wish you all the best, a good mood and good health”

(A quote from Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, after telling pensioners in Crimea May 23 2016 there is no money to raise pensions from the current 8000 roubles per month (£85).)


NYT: Tycoon on the Run Hopes Russia’s Reach Stops at the French Riviera’s Edge

Sergei Pugachev gave the interview to New York Times


Russian money in England

It turned out that Russian oligarchs are not just buying mansions, but also academic societies


Trust Quarterly Review: And what’s yours is mine too

Power, control and ownership: offshore structures under attack in recent commercial cases.



Aujourd’hui à Londres, heure anglaise, le Juge Rose de la Haute Cour d’Angleterre a rendu une décision condamnant M. Sergei Pugachev a vingt-quatre mois d’emprisonnement dans l’affaire où elle retient envers M. Pugachev un outrage à la cour en lien avec l’Ordre de juillet 2014 du gel mondial de ses avoirs.


A civil matter court decision there is no practical consequence

Justice Rose of the English High Court issued a decision to sentence Mr. Sergei Pugachev to twenty four months in prison for matters for which she held Mr. Pugachev in contempt related to the Worldwide Freezing Order issued July 2014.


The Kremlin’s Western Lawyers

Russia is increasingly turning to armies of legal professionals to press its interests and bully its detractors in the West. The experience of Sergei Pugachev is a case in point. 


Le Nouvel Observateur: Khodorkovsky, Pugachev… Putin owes billions to the oligarchs

In Moscow, Tsar Putin has the power to make and unmake fortunes at will…


PRESS-RELEASE: In response to the “warrant for Sergei Pugachev’s arrest”

The London Court’s decision to issue a so-called “arrest warrant” based on Sergei Pugachev’s alleged refusal to be present at the hearing in England is a technicality…


PRESS-RELEASE: Sergei Pugachev appeals against imposition of subsidiary liability in the Supreme Court of Russia

Sergei Pugachev’s lawyers appealed to the Russian Supreme Court’s judicial collegium on economic disputes…


PRESS RELEASE: Official Statement by Sergei Pugachev’s Press Office

In response to recent publications in the Russian media…


Sergei Pugachev on Putin’s control of the Russian media in the latest biographical read on Russia’s President

The author, quoting Sergei Pugachev from an interview conducted in 2014, wrote the following in regards to the 2001 seizure of the television channel NTV by the Russian State…


Sergei Pugachev in the big read of the French magazine Paris Match

French businessman tells Paris Match how his empire was stolen by Putin’s lieutenants…


The reaction of the Russian Parliament following Sergei Pugachev’s international arbitration claim launch

The Russian newspaper ‘Novye Vedomosti’ reported that the prospect of the recovery of $12 billion…


Pugachev could win the arbitration case against Russia due to deterioration of foreign relations

The article published by the Russian newspaper ‘Obschaya Gazeta’ refers to the recent comment…


Moscow Chief Arbitrator: Pugachev’s arbitration claim could be awarded as early as within six months

The president of the Moscow Court of Arbitration, Alexey Kravtsov, stated…


Pugachev for Reuters: ”Putin is a hostage of his entourage”

The Reuters London bureau chief Guy Faulconbridge exclusively interviewed Pugachev…


Sergei Pugachev in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro

Isabelle Lasserre interviews Pugachev for the French newspaper Le Figaro…


VIDEO: Sergei Pugachev on the French news programme Le Grand Journal

Sergei Pugachev appeared on a popular French nightly news and talk show Le Grand Journal…


Recovery of $1.1 billion from Sergei Pugachev upheld

The Moscow District Commercial Court has upheld the court’s ruling…


Bloomberg: Why Pugachev is suing Russia for $12 billion

The renowned author and journalist Leonid Bershidsky wrote today in his Bloomberg View column…


PRESS RELEASE: International Arbitration Claim Launch

Pugachev Files International Arbitration Against the Russian Federation…


Sky News: Sergei Pugachev now lives in hiding as he takes on the Russian state

Sam Kiley, the Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor, visits Sergei Pugachev to discuss the upcoming litigation process against the Kremlin…


Sergei Pugachev in his latest interview Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Sergei Pugachev tells how his friendship with the Russian President turned into political persecution…


Sergei Pugachev for the Guardian: “Putin is the richest person in the World as long as he stays in power”

The Guardian interviews Sergei Pugachev for the first time since he left Britain +VIDEO


PRESS RELEASE: Pugachev Forced to Leave London Due to Severe Threats Against His Life

Sergei Pugachev, a French citizen, former Russian Senator and business magnate is confirming today that he was forced to leave London…


Suspected homemade car bomb found by Sergei Pugachev who has accused Kremlin of trying to kill him

Sergei Pugachev said he is the target of a “KGB-style” campaign of terror after the devices were found under his vehicles…


TV Rain: Sergei Pugachev on his role in the election of President Putin

The former Senator Sergei Pugachev gave an interview to the independent Russian TV channel Dozhd (TV Rain), in which he discussed the role he played in the initial election (during 2000) of the current Russian president Vladimir Putin…


Sergei Pugachev to appeal recovery of $2.2 billion

Sergei Pugachev, former member of the Russian parliament’s upper house will appeal a court decision under which he is to pay 75.6 billion rubles ($2.2 billion)…


FT: Extradition attempt is political ploy, says Sergei Pugachev

Neil Buckley, Eastern Europe Editor of the Financial Times interviewed Sergei Pugachev…


Sergei Pugachev welcomes the decision of the London Court of Appeal

The Appeal court of London has rendered its decision in respect of three appeals…


Pugachev for Bloomberg: The Russian authorities are misusing Interpol

The article published by the Bloomberg stated that “Sergei Pugachyov, a former banker…


Pugachev for the Financial Times: Businessmen are ‘serfs’ in Putin’s Russia

Sergei Pugachev in his first interview since the state seized his multibillion-dollar ship building empire…


PRESS RELEASE: Sergei Pugachev denies allegations of intentional bankruptcy and misappropriation

The Moscow City Court on Monday upheld the refusal of the Basmanny District Court to arrest businessman Sergei Pugachev…

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