Pugachev for Reuters: ”Putin is a hostage of his entourage”

The Reuters London bureau chief, and former Chief Political Correspondent for Reuters Moscow, Guy Faulconbridge, exclusively interviewed Sergei Pugachev on September 22, following the $12 billion International Arbitration Claim launch against the Russian Federation (read the immediate Reuters article here, watch Arbitration Claim launch Press Conference here).

Today, coinciding with the Russian President’s birthday, Reuters published an insightful piece, expanding on the original article:

“For Pugachev, the keys to the puzzle are Putin’s perceptions of his own personal safety, finding a successor and the clan battles over the spoils of a former superpower. “Until he finds a path to an arrangement which secures his safety, he will remain in power,” Pugachev said. “He no longer has confidence in his closest circle and if I were in his place I would not trust them either: What they say to his face and what they say when he is not there is completely different.”

Read the article in full here