Sergey Pugachev about Putin, Sechin and Navalny

He is suing Russia for 12 billion dollars; Russia has issued an international arrest warrant against him.

«Several attempts to kill me have been made…»

Kremlin’s banker, an orthodox oligarch and a close friend of Vladimir Putin’s, aware of many secrets and many intrigues of Putin’s “court”.

«Putin is so. Whatever he touches, he shatters to pieces, be it solid gold. Here I am quoting Sechin, literally…»

Sergei Pugachev gives an exclusive interview to Dozhd. He speaks about Putin, Igor Sechin, Navalny…

«For me, Navalny is obviously a very bold man…»

…and of Russia, where he has no intention of returning.

«Russia, North Korea and Iran, this is, by and large, the same thing…»