“They break him a thrill”

Political has told, for what Putin orders to kill undesirables.

Each of the victims of the Russian special services somewhere in something crossed the road to Russia, and hence, to Putin, who dictatorially associates himself with her.

Igor Eydman is sure that that they encroach on those who evoke personal hatred of Putin.

Putin orders the liquidation of those who cross the road to him, and his Russia – like any dictator, Putin associates himself with the whole country. So, another (but not the last) victim of the regime was Piotr Verzilov – doctors in Germany issued an official conclusion that he was poisoned; it should be remembered that the sanction for political murder since the times of the USSR is always given only by the first person, said Russian sociologist and political analyst Igor Eydman.


” Stalin personally ordered the murder of Trotsky, Mikhoels, Konovalets. According to Sudoplatov’s memoirs, Khrushchev also solicited the sanction of the murder of Bishop Theodor (Romzhi) personally from Stalin. There is every reason to believe that this tradition has survived – the order to kill Litvinenko, Nemtsov, Voronenkov, poisoning Kara-Murza Jr., Violins, Verzilov, etc. Putin himself also gave it away. What unites these people? They could greatly anger the dictator.”, – write on Facebook Eydman.

” Nemtsov his material on the air. Kara-Murza “knocked” at him to the Americans. Litvinenko, Voronenkov and Skripali were “betrayed” by their own special services. Versilov could piss Putin off with his excellent action during the World Cup finals. He smeared the pathos of the pompous event, probably “broke Putin’s high”. I think the dictator was just furious “from such impudence.” And decided to punish him.”, – he explained the reasons for some high-profile murders and attempts.

In addition, Eydman listed those who in the future, it is likely, could be the next target of the Kremlin killers.


1. Bill Browder. Putin hates him. This is practically “Trotsky today”. The most active critic of the Kremlin in the West. I think the dictator would have killed him long ago, but to do it “purely” (like Berezovsky) does not seem to be the case, but “dirty” – afraid (there will be a megascandal). It is possible that the Russian secret services are simply waiting for a convenient opportunity to eliminate Browder.

2. Alexey Navalny. “This character,” Putin also clearly hates. Unlike the Browder, Navalny, it’s easy to clean, but this is fraught with unpredictable consequences, up to a sharp aggravation of the authorities’ conflict with young citizens. However, Putin may at some point decide that Navalny has crossed the red line, and it is more convenient to kill him than to plant for a long time.

3. Banker Sergei Pugachev. For Putin, he is a traitor. Belonged to a fairly close circle, and now gives the Western media their common secrets.”, – write Eydman.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were found in English Salisbury with symptoms of poisoning on 4 March. The UK authorities announced that the Skripal had been poisoned with the substance “Novitchok”, developed in Russia.

Moscow rejects the attempt of assassination.